7-day retreat

Awakening Joy with Dolphins & Mermaids in Sataya Reef

8th – 15th June 2024
Sataya, Red Sea, Egypt

7 days of re-connection, harmonisation, awareness, tranquility and pure joy

Explore the stunning coral reef of Sataya, a turquoise lagoon surrounded by wild dolphins and diverse underwater life, where we will spend a magical week in the middle of the Red Sea.

The dolphins are inviting and co-creating this retreat with us, they will be our guides into Remembering & Home coming. Everyone is welcome, no matter your age or gender.

You are invited to surrender to the flow and magic of the deep peace of the ocean and its inhabitants. We will tune in to the natural rhythms of our own being, let go of control and trust the unknown.

~ Be Flow~

Awaken to the pure consciousness of the waters of your body and the body of the Earth

This will be a journey into an embodied remembering of the intelligence of Water and how reconnecting with it, listening to it and bathing in it can open us up to the flow of our emotions, sensations, passions, dreams and align them with the Earth’s dream and our own soul path.

We will have a great opportunity to remember a way of clearing, healing, harmonising & crystallising our multidimensional bodies and build a sacred intimacy with the Earth. This is part of our multidimensional embodiment that has a ripple effect on all life.

Artist: Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Our hosts for the week:
Dolphins & Sataya

Dolphins come to the shallow lagoon in Sataya throughout the day, to rest, dream and play. They often surround the yacht with their playful curiosity.

These wild creatures choose to interact with us willingly. Swimming with them can open us to a deeper sense of connection with the Earth, Water, self, love, playfulness, joy and gratitude.

We will also be exploring the coral reef of Sataya
and its diverse underwater life that stretches along five kilometers. Under the water the corals are full of life. Sataya is a sanctuary for spectacular flora and fauna.

Just living in the middle of this blue sanctuary can help you unwind into pure presence and feeling alive.

*Those with a PADI license, can go scuba diving. Those wanting to try diving for the first time, can do it – with a scuba diver instructor that is part of the crew.


A dolphin spirit in human form, was born with 12 fingers, 12 toes, and fish-like skin between them, setting her apart from the start. Her journey from victimhood to self-realization brought her from looking for reasons outside, to seeing within. As a built environment engineer, she understands the corporate world, blending her experiences to share compassion for all beings and all paths. Ana’s profound connection to Sataya and its dolphins drives her to perceive these creatures as catalysts for elevating human consciousness. This compels her to facilitate transformative processes in Sataya through conscious retreats. Additionally, she is a yoga teacher and breathwork practitioner.


Alja has a deep love of waters, the Earth and all animals. Her passion is providing space for individuals to become more in touch with themselves, their emotions, their bodies and the body of Earth and with that to learn how to flow through life with openness, presence and awareness. She is currently writing a book about intimacy with Gaia’s waters and will shapeshift into her mermaid essence in the sea. On the Earth she is a doctor of counseling psychology and psychotherapy, yoga, surf and snowboard instructor, multidimensional embodiment guide, and becoming more present human being every day.

And one of our singing mermaids:
Jeska Onderwater

Jeska is an artist, singer-songwriter, yoga teacher, creative workshop & ceremony leader. Fascinated by the beauty of the natural world, the magic of creative expression and the mysterious journey of life she creates her offerings from and for the heart. The waters are in her name and she’s always felt drawn to the ocean and the wise creatures that live within its depths. With her music she creates an opening that allows you to dive into the depths of your heart, with sounds that both empower and soften you into the remembrance of who you truly are. In September 2023 she released her second studio album ‘The Circle of Remembrance’ with water songs such as ‘Half-Ocean Girl’ and ‘River of Light’ that give you a taste of the kind of musical magic she will share during the retreat.

Mermaid essence

Mermaids love to swim, play and sing with the dolphins and whales. They still remember and hold the secrets of the deep pure waters. They are the bridge between the consciousness of water, dolphins, whales and human consciousness. They invite us to dive deep into the unknown waters of our being to uncover our own truth and feel the interconnectedness of all life. They embody the beauty of flowing with life’s currents and the courage of being centred in ones own essence. Mermaids, dolphins and whales are an essence that every one of us can access, the playful, wise, creative force within. They hold a vibration that we can allow ourselves to open to, interact with, integrate and learn from. Every one has their own unique way of connecting with these beings. Are you being called to sing your mermaid or merman song, to embrace your unique path, to flow in the oceans of love with grace, and to listen to the wispers of your heart’s wisdom?

Being & Doing on the yacht

Every day we will tune into the collective energy and see what is present. We will follow the flow of the inner and outer waters. Everyone will be invited to listen to their own feeling and Intuition, respecting their own needs & desires. All of the activities are an invitation and not an obligation. You can simply follow your own flow. One of the intentions of this retreat is to fine tune our listening and expand our senses.

Singing Circles
Concert for the Heart by Jeska
Water Ceremony
Blue Lotus Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony
Day of silence
Pranayama – Breathing
Multidimensional embodiment
Gentle Yoga
Group sharings

Our yacht will be our sanctuary for the week. With daily gentle breathwork, yoga and meditation possibilites, each offering its own pathways to inner harmony and balance, we will be alligning our body, mind and spirit. We will immerse ourself in Jeska’s soul-stirring music for the heart, igniting a deeper sense of love & joy. We will join our voices in singing circles under stairy sky. We will further surrender to the medicine of music through dance and allow all the activations and energies to move, flow through us. We will explore the depths of our own beings with multidimensional embodiment practices, transcending physical limitations and tapping into higher states of awareness. We will have heart-opening sacred cacao, crown-opening blue lotus ceremonies to deepen connection with ourselves & each other. Within sacred circles, we will honor each others voices and experiences, fostering deeper connections and empathy. And eventually, we will be embracing the tranquility of silence allowing introspection, reflection and sense of inner peace to pravail.

The Yacht

There is plenty of space on the yacht. It is 32 meters long and 8 meters wide with 12 twin cabins for us, each with its own air-conditioning and private bathroom featuring a hot water shower & toilet. There are three decks, two covered, and one top sundeck for sunbathing and evening activities. (dancing, singing, stargazing etc.) Each cabin has two seperate beds. The lower deck has 8 cabins and the higher deck has 4 cabins. We will be with 16 people in total so we will not reach full capacity. Bed sheets and towels are included and there are European-style wall sockets (220 V electricity). The yacht is big with many spots for yourself on the 3 decks, in both the front and the back. When needed, you can have plenty of space for yourself, to relax and integrate the whole experience.

The Nourishing Food

We will be served deliciously cooked meals three times a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) with a great variety of options: vegan, vegetarian, and (fresh!) fish options are available. Between meals, we will get boosts with snacks & fresh fruit juices (..divine flavor of Egyptian mango!).

  • Three buffet meals a day
    & snacks in between.
  • Superfoods to keep us vibrating high & hydrated.
  • Healthy freshly squeezed juices from seasonal fruits.
  • Unlimited water, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

The price is 1888 €

Included in the price:

  • Airport pick up and drop off from Hurghada/Marsa Alam on the 8th and 15th
  • All-inclusive 7-night accommodation on the yacht (including food & drinks)
  • All retreat activities (excursions around Sataya & activities on the boat)
  • Wonderful 8-person crew taking care of us & 2 free-scuba diver guides
  • Support from the team before & after the retreat
  • National park entrance (50 €)

*Masks, fins and snorkel can be provided free of charge but we recommend you bring your own mask and snorkel for the best comfort and experience.

What's not included:

  • Flight to and from Hurghada/Marsa Alam airport
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel Visa (30 € cash, to be bought at the airport in Egypt)
  • Tip for the crew (recommended 50-100 € for the whole week)
  • Optional scuba diving equipment (40 €/dive)
    Extra transfer costs outside our retreat
  • Additional 200 € for single occupancy & additional 200 € for the upper cabin.

Giving back to a water project in Malawi

When you participate in the Sataya retreat, a portion of your investment (50 €) goes directly towards repairing a broken water well at the NGO Centre ELA in Malawi, Africa. This center hosts daily free workshops for 250 children, 1/5 of them with special needs. The task of providing a warm meal for the children comes with a challenge: fetching drinking water from the community well (500 m distance) and water for other activities from lake (+1km distance). These days, cook Maggie and other staff need to carry water from outside to meet the water needs of the center. This is due to the non-functioning well on the property, which was built a decade ago but has now deteriorated. Recognizing this pressing issue, we’ve made the decision to contribute directly to repairing the well. Your donation will have a direct impact on improving this situation, allowing the center to gain access to fresh water again through their own well. In the spirit of ELA’s motto, “Together we are stronger,” we are happy to join hands with ELA Malawi and ensuring the access of drinking water for this community.

Find out more about the ELA Malawi project here

Travel tips

We are so happy to welcome people from all around this beautiful planet and we can help you with finding your flight connection in working with a travel agency. Kindly review the following details, and feel free to ask any questions.

Plan your trip so that you arrive to:

Marsa Alam airport BEFORE 16:00 on start date (8 June 2024) | Departure AFTER 14:00 on departure date (15 June 2024)

Hurghada airport BEFORE 11:00 on start date (8 June 2024) | Departure AFTER 18:00 on departure date (15 June 2024)

Travel information

Group transfers from airports within the mentioned timeslots are included in your package. If your flights arrive after our pick up times, we can arrange a private transfer at an additional cost (approx. 75 € from Marsa Alam and 110 € from Hurghada airport).

Due to long transfers to Hamata port, the latest arrival times are midnight into Marsa Alam and 18:00 into Hurghada. Earlier flights back home are not possible as we cannot come with the boat into the port early.

On Saturday we check in on the boat and then the morning after (Day 2) we move to Sataya. (Day 2-Day 6) are in Sataya and afternoon on Day 6 we go to Hamata island, overnight and Day 7 is check out time.

If you come much earlier (a day before even), please contact us and we can coordinate a pickup point at your hotel if you are staying near the airports.

Payment & cancellation policy

Included in the price:

A reservation requires 488 € downpayment (1st payment) within 5 days of booking to confirm and guarantee your spot.

The 2nd payment requires 500 € due 30 days prior to arrival.

The 3rd (final) payment is 900 € in cash brought to the boat.

Cancelation policy after registration:

  • 60+ days before retreat start date (up to 8 Apr 2024): 400 € refunded
    (-88 € for the administration).

  • Less than 60 days before retreat start date: No 1st payment refunded.

  • Less than 30 days before retreat start date (8 May 2024):
    No 1st & 2nd payment refunded, but you can transfer your spot to a friend.

Want to extend your retreat?

Join us for the Wadi El Gemal experience,
15-17 June 2024, (3 days, 2 extra nights)

  • Desert trip to Eastern desert of Egypt
  • Wadi el Gemal National park
  • Beautiful hotel at the sea (sea-view first row twin rooms, all inclusive)
  • Majestic coral reef just in front – snorkeling, swimming
  • Integration support: sand hammam, earth embodiment, circle by the fire.
  • Transport on 17th back to the Marsa Alam and Hurghada airports

Extra 333 € / person

From Water to Earth element

After spending lots of time with the dolphins in and on the water, it is important to ground and create space to integrate your experience.

The water element opens us up to other dimensions within ourselves and the dolphins can set in motion a profound healing wave. By finishing the retreat close to the desert, we provide a space in which you can reconnect with the Earth element, helping you integrate the journey in the water.

This part of the retreat is for those who wish to join us for two extra nights and experience the desert side.

Welcome to the magical portal of Sataya & this Water journey!

Please register by clicking the link above or reach out directly to Alja, Jeska or Ana