Embark on a journey of deep intimacy.


You are invited to embark on a journey of deep intimacy with the Earth and your own multidimensional being. You are invited to fully embody and allow free flow of your emotions, sensations, passions, dreams and align them with Earth’s dream of the new conscious beings. You are invited into embodied remembering of who you truly are and open up to crystal clarity of your soul path, your mission in this life on Earth. You are also invited to a journey of tuning into the consciousness of the waters of your body and the waters of Earth. To learn how to cleanse and heal yourself with the help of the waters.

If you feel you lost touch with your body and the body of earth, with the sacred intimacy and you are drawn to this writing, this vibration, that means you are ready for a path of intimacy with self and Earth. You are ready to start to trust yourself and Earth more than anything or anyone else. You are ready to learn a way of clearing, healing, harmonising, crystallising your multidimensional being and your connection with sacred intimacy with the Earth. It will connect you with your sensitivity but also gift you the knowing of how to live, flow and empower yourself within it. This can be a part of our multidimensional embodiment that has a rippling effect on all life.

My intention is to open up space for you to explore, reflect and find your own truth, to help you come to your own connection with source and what you know and feel you need to do. I am not here to bring light or darkness but to bring awareness, openness and clarity, to allow you to see with your own multidimensional being.

I offer individual counselling sessions online, ecopsychotherapy in nature and water ceremonies in nature.

About Alja Lah

Alja has a deep love of waters and the Earth. Her passion is providing space for individuals to become more in touch with themselves, their emotions, their bodies and the body of Earth and with that to learn how to flow through life with openness, presence and awareness. 
She is a doctor of counselling psychology and psychotherapy, her specialty is in multidimensional embodiment, phenomenological existential psychotherapy, eco psychotherapy, deep relational psychotherapy, psychedelic integration. She is also a yoga, surf and snowboard instructor and becoming more present human being every day.
She is currently writing a book about intimacy with the waters of our bodies and the body of Earth.